Learning From the Storms of Life

Learning From the Storms of Life

Storms of life, we all go through them. But the real question is how do you thrive in these stormy situations and what lessons do you take away?

Today, I’m sharing three vital lessons I have learnt from bracing my storms!

1. God is never not working

There were times during this year when I thought God had forsaken me because it was one terrible thing happening after the other. But what I had failed to recognize was that despite the fact that the bad kept pouring down, God always brought me out of tough situations. It just happened on his own timing, so that caused me to easily overlook it.

Today, I can say with uttermost conviction that God is never not working! Although he might show up last minute, we need to have faith that his timing is the best!

2. Thoughts become things 

I can’t stress enough how powerful our mind is. Ask yourself, what am I centering my thoughts around? What fears am I fuelling with my negative thoughts?

I’ve been fighting the bad habit of negative self-talk. I catch yself saying things like:

“Of course, this is happening to my family”

“There is no end to this”

“Why do I always get it so bad?”

Merely writing these things down has made me realize how silly I have been and how much more negativity I was speaking back into my life.

We’ve all heard about the importance of positive affirmations and positive thinking. It holds so much power. You get what you ask for, so choose your words wisely. Positive talk will go a long way in helping you through a storm. It helps you believe and stand tall in knowing that things will get better.

3. Life doesn’t slow down for anyone

Bad things happen to people all the time. It’s just about making a choice on how you’re going to handle the situation and thrive in whatever shitty position you’ve found yourself in.

Easier said that done, I know. I struggle everyday.

But, we have to understand that life will not slow down for us. You just have to pick up the pieces and keep on pushing!! You got this and God’s got you!

When you’re going through a storm, it may feel like you will never make it out. But, storms don’t last forever, it will pass. Keep picking up those vital profound lessons and figure out a way to apply them so you can come out stronger!

Have you been through a storm? How did you get out? What did you learn?Leave a comment down below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Stay true