LIL 013

“That persecution that was supposed to convince you that there was nothing in you, was really trying to keep you from recognizing that God has placed so much in you that it would affect everything connected to you.”

– Sarah Jakes Roberts

I love this sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts. She starts by pointing out the importance of living like you’re playing to win as opposed to living life trying to avoid a loss. She moves on to talk  about persecutions and how they try to hinder us on our journey but the devil is ignorant to the fact that the persecuted will always find a way. She also speaks on the fact that we have already been touched by God and so anything the devil tries to send our way has to take a step back. Our power, our strength, our healing etc, is all in God’s touch.

Another quote I love from this sermon is:

“Persecution doesn’t kill God’s objective for your life. It only changes the position that he’s going to do it from”

-Sara Jakes Roberts

This sermon is life-changing, eye-opening and very relatable. I promise you won’t be the same after you watch it.

Stay true 

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