Staycation @ The Anndore House

Staycation @ The Anndore House

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SPOTTED IN THE 6ix: The Anndore House. A hidden gem, located on Charles Street East, just a few steps away from Bloor-Yonge Station.

My man and I celebrated our four-year anniversary by indulging in a two night staycation at this unique hotel. Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed was the gold and black detailing of the entryway which I thought was superb.

Once we approached the front desk, I noticed that their setup was very different from other hotels. In the sense that, instead of having all the concierge staff behind a bar waiting on guests, the Anndore House had somewhat of a round table in the middle of the lobby with two concierge staff on opposite ends. At first, I thought it was weird but I appreciate their effort in trying to be different from other hotels.

We checked in with no issues and made our way to our room. Another thing I noticed was the little case, the key cards were in. Usually, hotels would have their logo or their name at the bottom corner of the case, or in the middle, but The Anndore house had a cute little saying on theirs, which I absolutely loved!! Again, different.

This keycard case got me even more excited to be there, because it was most definitely going to be an adventure!

Once we got into our room, my eyes went straight to the patterned floors in the bathroom and the open closet. Don’t even get me started on how gorgeous everything was. Impeccable style and very well put together to the point that I am completely sold on patterned floors.

The Anndore House is really big on cute little quotes, like “You look great” on the stool in the washroom, “and so the adventure begins” on the mirror, the keycard case and the notepad on the table in the room. I’m big on quotes too, so more brownie points for them!

Stepping away from the washroom and closet and moving into the room, my first observation was the record player, located right underneath the TV on a wooden slab. I was so stunned by their observation and again, I appreciate their effort in trying to stand out. Having a record player in every room is definitely notable and worthy of a round of applause. I felt like it added more of a “homey” vibe to the hotel experience.

To the left of the record player, is a workspace, with a vintage looking phone that you could use to reach the front desk which I obviously had to use as a prop for pictures!

Last but not the least, the bed. A king sized bed, covered in white sheets as usual, with a velvety blue blanket placed nicely at the edge of the bed. To accessorize, they opted for a red throw and an owl shaped pillow which again, added a homey vibe to the room, almost like you brought your favourite pillow with you.

In front of the bed were two black leather chairs, separated by a coffee table, which had a book on it as an accessory. One of the chairs, had  a black and white checkered blanket hanging on it; perfect for snuggling up on the cozy chair.

All in all, we both enjoyed our stay. They attended to all of our requests, even down to providing us with a HDMI cord in the middle of the night. Every little detail they put into the decor did not go unnoticed and was highly appreciated. I would definitely recommend The Anndore House for anyone looking for a quick getaway in Toronto!

**Rating: 9.5/10**


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