Everything Will Unfold…

Everything Will Unfold…

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A couple of weeks ago, I attended Blogger babe, Alma’s first networking event!

It was a lovely event that brought 15 women with different backgrounds together to talk all things life, over extremely yummy food from Chubby’s Jamaican.

**Fun fact: the first time Alma and I met, we went to chubby’s Jamaican and she fell in love, just like I did.**

For this event, I was going for a casual chic look. The weather had switched up as of that time, so I had an idea of what I wanted to wear. I ended going for a red off-the-shoulder sweater, with black denim culottes (can’t find the link for them, but I got it from Yorkdale Mall), both from H&M. Tied it together with black sunnies and black snakeskin booties for a a little pop of pattern.

I try to make a conscious effort to wear my natural hair out during networking events, because branding. So, the fro came out to play! 

During this event, we shared so many different inspiring stories that left me in awe and also highly motivated to work harder and kill shit!!

I remember Alma talking about the pressure that comes with ending the year with a bang and that got me thinking about how our bodies are so used to being in auto pilot mode when it comes to accomplishing goals that we, often times, forget to sit back and truly appreciate how far we’ve come.

It’s so easy to fast forward into the future and force ourselves into a state of panic because we are overwhelmed with all that we have yet to achieve.

We are all guilty of this, well, at least I know I am.

Real strength comes from not just dreaming big and far into the future but also realizing that the present is a present. As cliche as that sounds, it is the truth. Learn to focus on right here and right now and strongly believe, without a doubt, that everything will unfold just as it is meant to be.

Stay true 

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