Walrus Pub & Beer Hall

Walrus Pub & Beer Hall

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SPOTTED IN THE 6ix: Walrus Pub and Beer Hall. A modern public house, as they like to describe themselves, located right on Bay Street, just a few steps away from union station.

This blogpost was meant to go up two weeks ago, but life got in the way and my blog had to take a backseat. I recently started an internship at a digital marketing and PR agency. I really don’t want to say a lot about it right now, because I just want to experience it to the fullest and then give you the deets on how it went, when it’s all done.

I just had to address my absence but now we can get back to the blogpost! As usual, I was scrolling through the curiocitytoronto‘s Instagram feed, trying to find some new spots to add to my collections, when I stumbled on this restaurant. The interior design left me speechless and I knew I had to get myself there somehow. The opportunity finally showed itself when Leah, Debby and I were trying to plan a girls’ day.

We arrived at the restaurant on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, only for us to find out they open at 4pm, leaving us with a good two hours to figure out what to to do. We ended up just taking some pictures, exploring some other cute little spots nearby and having some much needed girl time.

Time really does fly when you’re having a good time, because 4pm came around faster than we expected. We finally got to the restaurant and believe me when I tell you, this was one of the most beautiful restaurants I have been to. Not just because it was pleasing to the eyes but because it was blatantly obvious how much thought was put into every single detail.

One of the first things I noticed was this stairway with beautiful gold rustic mirrors, which I later found out led you to a barbershop and a game space that can be rented out. How amazing?

Moving on to the showstopper, my favourite part of the restaurant. I was in a complete daze when my eyes landed on this intricately designed masterpiece. I would love to go on and on about this bar, but a picture is worth a thousand words. How beautiful?

This section of the restaurant is more formal than the previous one and I love that, because it’s an atmosphere that caters to different people or different gatherings. Everyone loves options!

Speaking of options, their menu had a few of those lol, the drink menu more so than the food menu. Since they are a pub and beer hall, it makes a little bit of sense for them to focus more on drinks. I decided to go with some chicken bites that were dipped in the yummiest sweet chilli and honey sauce and it was so so soooo good! I paired it with a side of fries and a glass of red wine, also equally as yummy!

I LOVE THIS RESTAURANT and I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a new spot to visit for a girls’ day/night, date night, games night or just pure vibes. If you’re not sold yet, let me put the icing on the cake for you…they also have portable chargers guys lol!!! So yeah, I know you’re already on your way there now. You’re welcome  😋.

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