Brunch @ Lavelle

Brunch @ Lavelle

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As I write this post, I am currently STARVINGG, but I can’t decide what to eat lol. Does anyone ever go to bed extremely full and wake up super hungry? Because I feel like I experience that a lott!

But anyway, that’s enough complaining for this blogpost lol. Today, I’m going to be sharing an OOTD from a friend’s birthday brunch I recently attended.

Birthdays are so special to me, I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that, growing up, I didn’t get to celebrate most of my birthdays because African Dads lol. I guess it was a blessing in disguise, because now, I find myself always excited not just when it’s my birthday, but when it’s a friends birthday. A day to make someone you care about feel extra special, I’M SO HERE FOR IT!

This brunch was held at Lavelle. A beautiful rooftop patio with a pool, bar and restaurant. I can’t stress how absolutely gorgeous it is! If you’re in the GTA, then you shouldn’t let your summer go by without at least one visit! Check them out on Instagram, to get a little taste of what to expect.

We definitely had a great time, because I BROKE MY DAMN PHONE SCREEN and I didn’t get upset lool. However, there were a few hiccups at Lavelle:

  1. We were a really large group and they only split bills three ways at Lavelle. So, it got really confusing when it was time to pay. I would definitely say that is a downside because in my opinion, it would have made the most sense to give everyone individual bills, like regular restaurants, to avoid rowdiness and confusion.
  2. There is a $40 fee to get in the pool or you can become a  member for $200 and that gives you access all year round.
  3. Their menu is VERY VERY VERY limited and overly priced.

Apart from those three cons I just listed, It’s still a very dope chillspot if you want to grab a drink with your girls or your man, and you want to enjoy a nice day or night out with a great view of the city. It’s definitely worth checking out!

With all that being said, we can now move on to the OOTD!

I opted for a burnt orange jumpsuit, rose gold heels, and a black mini purse (all from forever21).
Of course, I had to rock the fro!
the sangria was soo good!
Found a cuter spot, so I moved just for the pictures lol
Obvs couldn't leave my sangria behind
with my babygirl, Leah
with my man.

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