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So, as you know, (or may not know lol), I just rounded up my #blogpostadaychallenge.

Here’s a recap:

Day 1 Catch me @ Café Cancan

Day 2Passion vs, Hype

Day 3LIL 011: Priyanka Chopra’s guide to fashion

Day 4 Navigating through the storm by Chidera Allison

Day 5 – Vlog #7: Follow me around Toronto (Café Cancan, First Casting Call etc.)

Day 6 Weekly Vibes 005

Day 7Uncomfortably Honest

This experience was one for the books, I honestly am so proud of myself for sticking through it. There were times where I was ready to give up when things were just not going as planned. For example, accidentally deleting sensitive files on my laptop in order to make more space, and then this turning into losing my vlog that I was already 90% done editing. Imagine the frustration!!! Luckily, your girl is smart and I was able to somehow recover them. thank God!

That’s just an example of one of the main roadblocks I faced, that could have made me give up. But, I didn’t, so we thank God, again.

During this challenge, I was able to bring back sections of my blog that I had abandoned, for over a year!! Like, ‘Links I’m lovin”, ‘Wednesday wisdom’ ‘Writer’s block’ and ‘Weekly Vibes.’ It was a subtle reminder as to why I started this blog in the first place, which is to share everything I love, with who ever cares to know. It helped me understand that I am making this whole blogging experience way harder than it needs to be by paying too much attention to only certain sections of my blog like ‘Projects’ or ‘Oh my days’. Blogging to me is all about sharing content, like I said, which is why I have all these different sections. Thankfully, this challenge has been the biggest eye opener and motivator.

On the downside, however, my main issue with this challenge was that I couldn’t promote each post properly, as I was on to the next post by the time the next day came around, which really bothered me as that reduced engagement. But, on the bright side, posting daily always gave people a reason to come back to my blog.

All in all, I don’t think daily blogging will be a journey I will fully embark on, but it was worth a shot and I’m glad I took that bold step. Thanks for joining the ride!

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