After The Gold Rush + Talking Social Anxiety

After The Gold Rush + Talking Social Anxiety

I recently attended a boat party (yes, vlog coming soon!) with a vibrant colour code. I decided to go for the obvious colour, yellow. It’s perfect, not just for the boat party but also for summer!

I went with this simple yet stunning yellow midi dress that fit like a glove and I paired it with white sandals, a straw bag and gold accessories. I personally feel you can never go wrong with a midi dress, it works every time!

I was slightly worried that the white sandals might be a bit too bright and maybe throw the outfit off, but the gold detailing on the sandals helped pull the outfit together.

Outfit breakdown: 



SandalsForever 21

Can we talk feelings for two seconds? Yeah? Cool

I’ve always struggled with social anxiety, but I noticed it’s been at an all time high lately, especially during the boat party. I find myself always on edge, always dreading having conversations with people in public spaces. I overthink every hug, every handshake, every facial expression, the list goes on.

Some thoughts that usually go through my mind:

“Omg was I awkward with that hug?”

“Why did I lean in for a hug when it was a handshake?”

“Do you think they noticed my cheek acne?”

“Am I talking weird?”


This is something I am working on fighting because this path I have chosen for myself requires a lot of networking and meeting new people. Social anxiety will make it impossible for me to put my best self forward. So, how do I fight it?

Do you have social anxiety? What are your coping mechanisms? Please share your opinions in the comments. I will really appreciate it!

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