My capacity for others – By Yemisi Adeleye

My capacity for others – By Yemisi Adeleye

Our fourth feature is Yemisi Adeleye

Here’s what she had to say:

My capacity for others is shrinking

more and more

as I listen to myself

My intuition never deceives me

It only relieves me of my next mistake


I was asked to speak on self-love. At first read, you may wonder how this poem ties into that theme. Over the last year, I’ve learned the importance of listening to myself even if no one else is on board. There are certain voices and specific people in my life that I esteem and value but at the end of the day I know what is best for me. Loving myself isn’t only about treating myself and/or taking bubble baths. Loving myself means showing myself tough love and being honest when something isn’t clicking. I used to be someone that prioritized other people’s feelings over my own and this poem was written in a time where I started to shift from those habits and truly put myself first.

Yemisi truly has a way with words, this piece was short and sweet. Comment down below if her words resonated with you because they definitely did with me! Thank you for sharing your words with us Yemisi! Be sure to follow her on instagram to see more of her work!

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Stay true 

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