Sun-kissed w/ Tega

What’s good guys??

I’m back again with another post! Duh!

Can we just talk about how consistent I’ve been? Your girl is really trying to keep at it and I hope it’s inspiring you guys to keep doing your thing as well!

For this post, I shot with Tega! I’m sure you remember him from ‘Orange Feels w/ Tega‘. Anyway, we initially planned to shoot in a green room but when we got there, we found out it wasn’t open during the weekends so we had to walk around and find other dope locations to shoot at.

The weather was perfect, so the pictures were going to come out bomb regardless of where we shot.


Okay guys, so believe it or not, I am extremely camera shy! I literally never know what to do when I’m in front of the camera. It probably sounds like I’m chatting a whole lot of shit, seeing as I have a blog filled with photo journals, but I really am camera shy. So, while Tega and I were shooting, whenever he wanted me to get serious, he would say ‘sun-kissed! Sun-kissed!’ and I would smize for my life Lool! As crazy as that sounds, it worked!

Let’s get to the pictures, so you can be the judge!

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Sun-kissed af or what???

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Be you. Do you. Stay True.