Kensington Market w/ Aisha

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, you know, just seeing what everyone was up to, then I decided to watch stories to be even more of a stalker lol. We are all guilty of doing this! Shhh

So, anyway, I watched Aisha’s story (remember her from Sugar Beach w/ Aisha?) and saw that she just fixed her camera and I got really excited so I had to slide in her DMs real quick to ask her to shoot! Obviously she said yes, cause I mean, I’m writing this blogpost lol.

We decided to shoot at Kensington Market! I had never been down there but I always heard it had a nice vibe so I was down with that.

While shooting, I saw two of my friends pass by, Ifeoma and Eva, which was sooo random but it was a pleasant surprise! Leah also stopped by the shoot and we got some pictures together!

Enough chitchat, let’s get to the pics!

Love! Lovee! Loveeeee!

Check out Aisha’s website and also be sure to follow her on Instagram!

If you’re curious about my hair, watch this tutorial to get ALL the deets!

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