Yvonne Ben

Meet Yvonne Ben, the founder and lead curator of The Kscope.

Nikky: Welcome to creative corner Yvonne. Please tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

Yvonne: Hi there! My name is Yvonne Ben, an avid African Fashionista from Akwa Ibom State! I run a promotional platform called The Kscope for African Fashion, Food & Creativity!

Nikky: The Kscope recently turned 4, congratulations! Can you tell us how it all started?

Yvonne: Thank you! It started out as a blog where I showcased my African prints. I did that and gained an audience of Africans in Canada or lovers of the culture. A few businesses and events reached out because they needed that audience and boom! We became this pronto platform for everything African in Canada

Nikky: That is amazing and truly inspiring!

Yvonne: Thank you!

Nikky: I noticed you’ve gone through a few name changes. From the Kaleidoscope to the Kaleidoscopian and now the Kscope! Can you share the reason behind that?

Yvonne: At first it was all about African prints and I correlated the vibrancy and different patterns of the prints with what you see when you look into a Kaleidoscope. Hence the first name The Kaleidoscope. After the first year, I wanted the name to seem more personal so I called it The Kaleidoscopian.

Now, The Kaleidoscopian was so hard to pronounce and every time someone wanted to compliment it or bring up the blog, they would have a hard time pronouncing it lol.

So we had a poll on Twitter on what the new name should be and the majority picked The Kscope.

Nikky: I love the Kscope, it’s short and not a tongue twister lol, cause I used to have a hard time pronouncing the Kaleidoscopian as well.

Nikky: At what point would you say you started seeing yourself as a creative?

Yvonne: I’ll say that I see myself and The Kscope as a medium for creatives. For instance,If you’re a creative in the Fashion Industry (a designer) I see myself as a medium to showcase your craft to the world. Also, The Kscope promotes music, fashion, food, art, you name it to our ever growing audience. My aim is to make sure your passion is seen because I find it very innovative, exciting, insightful, beautiful and delicious when it comes to the food part. Lol

So, I’ll say ever since I started I’ve been a medium for creativity

Nikky: I love how passionate you are about this. It’s good to see people that want to help give other creatives a platform for their work.

Yvonne: Thank you Nikky!

Nikky: It’s no secret that your love for African prints runs deep. Have you always been that way or is that something that happened over time?

Yvonne: I’ll say when it comes to African Fashion, I’ve been that way from time. Back home (Nigeria) I honestly lived for Sunday mornings where I got to rock the different prints. I Came here (Canada) and remained the same and it has brought me this far.

Nikky: You’re a perfect example of how far staying true to yourself will take you. Keep it up!

Yvonne: Thank you! ☺️

Nikky: Do you have a favourite African fashion designer?

Yvonne: I don’t have a favourite African fashion designer. I don’t think I could even lol.

They all have eccentric designs that I love and I just can’t choose.

Nikky: Lol well, that’s very understandable.

Nikky: What would you say is your biggest driving force in life?

Yvonne: I’ll say God first and people! The Kscope is a platform for the people by the people. I’m pushed when I see a young creative or an aspiring business owner that’s putting Africa on the map. They are continuously putting in the work and The Kscope is here to make sure that it doesn’t go wasted and the world should see it. God because without Him I will not be in this industry. I came here with the mindset to pursue Medicine but God has His plans.

Nikky: Amazing! God first always!

Nikky: What is one quote you live by?

Yvonne: “You are destined for greatness, through Christ by Faith.” – Lydia Ben Udowa (my mommy)

Nikky: I love that a lot!

Nikky: What advice would you give to creatives out there?

Yvonne: I always used to say “One man’s weird is another man’s swag.” Meaning if you are super passionate about something, Go for it. Keep at it and one day you’ll find your tribe. You’ll come across those people who will love it and want it. When I first started The Kscope, no one really understood or cared about it but now I’m thankful to God that I didn’t let that deter me from continuing… because, look how far I’ve come.

Nikky: Awesome advice! It’s so easy to get discouraged when you feel like you’re putting in the work and it’s going unnoticed but perseverance and hard work will take you far

Yvonne: Yes! You can say that again!

Nikky: Where do you see the Kscope in five years?

Yvonne: By the Grace of God, In 5 years, give or take, I see The Kscope as a media empire. Added to the online presence we will have The Kscope Lounge & Store. At the lounge,  we’ll host guest chefs and a stage for visual creatives and artists. It’ll also be a spot for African Events. For the walk in store, we’ll carry a number of local and international fashion designers and we’ll work with established and online market places to host their Pop Up shops. 😊

It’s a whole lot and I know that with time, I will establish it by the special grace of God.

For now we are planing our official launch event which is to happen 05/05. May 5th 2018. Planning is in the works and I’m super excited about it.

Nikky: That sounds exciting, looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. With your drive and passion, I am certain that you will be able to accomplish whatever you put your mind to. God’s got you and you definitely got this.

Yvonne: Amen! Thank you Nikky! Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story! God bless you

Nikky: Any last words?

Yvonne: Yes! Connect with The Kscope on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat (@thekscope) and YouTube! We have a lot of great things in store! 😊

Nikky: Thank you so much for doing this! It was a pleasure talking to you. Keep pushing the African culture for the world to see and good luck in all your future endeavours! God bless you!

Yvonne: Thank you soo much!

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Be you. Do you. Stay true.