Princess Mojekss’ 20th

Hey guyss,

It’s that time of the year again. It’s my babygirl Ifeoma Mojekwu‘s birthday!!

Obviously, we had to do another shoot just like we did last year for her 19th. The shoot went pretty good, even though it almost didn’t happen cause it was raining like crazy all through the day. Thankfully, the weather magically switched up and we were able to get some shots right before she had to head to work.

For this post, Ifeoma has some words to share with you guys. Here’s what she has to say:

Princess Mojekks here,

I’m trying to remember how last year was for me compared to this year and yo! God is good. He loves me so much it’s unbelievable.

Last year was horrible for me. My personal life was a complete mess. It turned me into a whole new person. I was in a roller coaster of emotions. Literally at an all time low, I had never felt that way my whole life. I stopped being me. I stopped living life. I didn’t think I was the one to let life get to me but boy, it did. I hid my feelings so well, everybody thought I was okay but myself. Days will pass I wouldn’t see or talk to anybody. I wouldn’t reach out to my friends, didn’t want to hang out with anybody. I was in my own little bubble questioning why my life was going the way it did. I will cry sometimes and feel a lot of pain for no reason.

Im 20 today. My friend Latifah would tell me I’m on the right track for my age but I have never agreed with her. I feel so deeply in my heart that I would have achieved more in my early years if I was as productive and focused as I should have been. So I’m not exactly were I want to be. But I’m happy now, learning to live again. Controlling my narrative and trusting God.

Let me tell you guys that God is wonderful. Life is a fight; either you fight or someone is fighting for you. God looks after his own, he can never watch you fail. God is mindful of his people. I’ve learnt not to let the hardships of life downsize the bigness of God.

God is not unrighteous to forget about you. The longer your blessing takes the bigger the harvest. I know that my joy is not dependent on anyone. It’s no one’s responsibility. It’s my duty to make myself happy. I will learn to change situations regardless good or bad. I will never be a victim.  I know and I pray situations won’t define me ever again. I can never be disadvantaged – I have the Holy Spirit, word and faith.

For anyone reading this,

Stay true to God and you’ll see his faithfulness in your life.

To my friends that I love so much

Latifah Shittu, you’re my rock. I don’t know what to say about you but I love you, I love you, I love you.

Nkiru Allison, life has been crazy. Wouldn’t have it any other way with you.

Tayo Bero, my soul sister, you’re the absolute best.

Eva Amadi, thank you for letting me be me, you’re my spirit animal.

Sasi Shallangwa – my sissy, you’re my whole heart.

Happy birthday again my baby. I love you alwaysss xx

I hope you guys loved reading her words and I hope you loved the pictures as much as I did. Go wish Ifeoma a happy birthday and show her some love! Thanks guys!

Be you. Do you. Stay true.