Sugar Beach w/ Aisha

What’s good guys?

So, I hooked up with Aisha Jallow, aka @ajewo on Instagram, to do this shoot. She hit me up to work together and I was so ecstatic, because she takes bomb ass pictures!

We decided to meet up at Sugar Beach, which is this really cute, chill spot in Toronto. It was a beautiful day, even if I wished it was sunny. In all honesty, it was one of the best days I’ve had in a really really long time and not just cause I got to shoot, but also cause I got to hang out with friends and family. It was good vibes all day and it made me feel all fuzzy on the inside.

I was happy and I hadn’t felt that in a minute, it was amazing! If you get anything from this post, it should be this: DOING WHAT YOU LOVE WILL ALWAYS MAKE YOU HAPPY!

Now, we can get to the pictures!

**All pictures were taken and edited by Aisha Jallow**

This is my favourite shoot so far!! Aisha and I are definitely going to be working together again.

Be you. Do you. Stay true.