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Merry Christmas!

Meet Deuce, a Nigerian up and coming rapper, based in Canada who I got the opportunity to sit down and talk to. He is also premiering his new single, ‘Shine’, today on my blog!

Nikky: Welcome to Creative Corner. Tell the readers a little bit about yourself

Deuce: My name’s Deuce…well, my stage name is Deuce. My real name is Bisayo Babatope. I’m from Nigeria and I’m 21. I’ve been making music for 3 years…that’s a bit of my background.

Nikky: How did the name Deuce come about?

Deuce: Umm *chuckles*, we (him and a couple of friends) were all gathered at a table, in SS2 (grade 11), beating drums and some guy just said ‘peace’ and I threw up the deuce sign and the name came from there.

Nikky: At what point did you know you were meant to be a rapper?

Deuce: Definitely in SS3 (grade 12), cause it was not planned. I had my best friend with me, his name is Fuhad Yussuff; rest in peace to him. We made music together in my final year of high school and I guess it kicked off from there. But, my parents were never serious about it when I started.

Nikky: Sorry for your loss. 

Nikky: Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

Deuce: Like right now?

Nikky: In life. 

Deuce: Uhh no one per say. I think as timed moved on, seeing someone like Cole do his thing really inspired me. Cole, for sure is my biggest inspiration. Just the way he comes off as truthful with his music made me feel like I could go that same route with my music.

Nikky: So, I’m sure you have days when you’re trying to write rhymes and it’s not flowing or you’re not feeling very inspired. What would you say keeps you going on those days?

Deuce: God. There are days when I’m like “Is this ever going to turn out good?”, and then in that moment I just pray, cause I know obviously, everything is going to happen in God’s timing. That’s basically what I do in between trying to find inspiration. I’m also always looking at a lot of people’s music…well, not a lot of people, but just people like Cole, Kendrick, people that can help me get better basically.

Nikky: So far, what is your favourite song you have recorded?

Deuce: Yoo, that’s so tough. Okay, i won’t say my favourite song I’ve recorded but I would say the song I’ve really enjoyed making so far is, God, Gold & Gloryjust cause of how the song turned out. Video coming soon, just so you know.

Nikky: That is one of my favourites from you as well. 

Nikky: So, I understand you’re previewing your new single called ‘Shine’, today on What is the story behind that song and why did you choose today, being Christmas Day to put it out?

Deuce: Christmas is supposed to be a day that people should celebrate Jesus more and I feel like in society, nowadays, it’s more about Santa and all these things. So I feel like we should give Him his shine; the hook of the song goes “give me my shine…” and I’m basically just talking about Jesus getting his shine, his proper credit. Decemeber 25th fits in and it’s also a Sunday which really makes it the best day.

Nikky: I mean, he is the reason for the season

Deuce: Exactly!

Nikky: What is one message you are trying to pass across whenever you put a song out? I mean, I know all your songs are different so they won’t all have the same message, but what are you always trying to tell your audience?

Deuce: Umm, you know… peace, love, positivity, the essence of God in our lives. I think we kind of let these other things outweigh God in our lives. I basically just want to draw more attention to God because in society, we’ve kind of switched off from that; that’s really what I’m trying to do with my songs.

Nikky: Who are your top 5 rappers?

Deuce: *chuckles*, how you gon’ ask me that?? Okay, B.I.G is definitely my number 1. Cole, Big Pun, Kendrick, cause he is super inspiring and Deuce or Q-tip. Q-tip is super inspiring too.

Nikky: So, Deuce or Q-tip?

Deuce: I’ll always pick Deuce *chuckles*

Nikky: what is one quote you live by?

Deuce: “One humanity under God.” I feel like love is the main law we should all live by and all these wars and racial barriers, definitely need to eliminated. So yeah, “one humanity under God” is what I try to push all the time.

Nikky: Is there a movie/song/book that has strongly impacted your life?

Deuce: I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I see a lot of documentaries and I can’t say there is a particular one that has moved me so much. I can watch a movie and think it’s pretty dope, but for it to inspire me to a level where I say I want to create is not very likely.

If I had to pick out of the three, I would definitely go with Kendrick’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’. I thought that was pretty inspiring, just the album, not any particular song off it. The entire direction he went with the album, showed me that you could talk about God with your rhymes and still be revolutionary in some sense.

Nikky: I think it’s really important to incorporate God into your music because nowadays, all people want to rap about is money, drugs and women. It’s important to be able to pass a reasonable message across especially when you have an audience.

Deuce: Yeah, exactly. A lot of people are under pressure to not be themselves in the music industry and it’s super corny because you know that person is nothing like what they portray, but it’s whatever man. To each his own.

Nikky: If you had your own country, what one thing would you make free for everyone?

Deuce: Education

Nikky: What advice would you give to sixteen year old Deuce?

Deuce: Be patient. The time will come when everything comes together and also, don’t be sad, everything gets better. Life may seem rough at the time, but you know God definitely comes through. that’s my greatest message for sixteen year old Deuce.

Nikky: It’s been a pleasure interviewing you, Deuce. I follow you on several social media platforms and I’ve noticed you’ve been on your grind, putting out projects and songs back to back. Consistency is key, so keep it up. Any last words for the readers?

Deuce: Like Miss Nikky would say, “Stay true to yourself!!”

I really loved sitting down and talking to Deuce. He is one of the many creatives in our generation that will make a change with his music so definitely keep your eyes open for him. Check out his songs on Soundcloud, and be sure to follow him on twitter, Instagram, as well as Tumblr to keep up with him. Support goes a long way! Don’t ever stop spreading love.

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