Rouge Rendezvous

Hey guysss,

How’s it going?

Am I the only one that gets excited to go check out washrooms at fancy restaurants? Yes? No?

Well, it was my friend’s birthday last weekend and she had a dinner at this really fancy Japanese restaurant called Ki, located downtown Toronto.

It was really gorgeous but the food wasn’t so great to be very honest… Anyways, as usual I went to go check out the washroom and it was so beautiful! It almost didn’t look like a washroom.

You already know what happened next, it just had to be done! Photoshoot time!! Loll

You ready?

Shout out to Afgizy for taking my pictures! Thanks girll!

So dope, right? Thought so too ????

Oh btw, I got featured on a blog, check it out here! Exciting!!

Don’t forget to spread love always! It’s very important guys. I can’t stress that enough. Be a light in this dark world!

Be You. Do You. Stay True.