Enem Odeh

Hey guys,

Meet Enem Odeh, the girl behind Blue Clouds Photography.

Nikky: Hey Enem, tell the readers a little bit about yourself

Enem: Hiiiiiiiii my name is, Enem Margaret Odeh! I am 19 years old. I’m currently in my third year at the University of Toronto, Mississauga studying CCIT (Communications, Culture, and Information Technology) and professional writing.

Nikky: When did you start Blue Clouds Photography?

Enem: 6th Of October, 2013

Nikky: At what point did you start seeing yourself as a creative?

Enem: Hmmmm, probably when I got into photography, when I picked up my first camera. Its amazing what u can do with so little when u stop looking and start seeing. There was a black and white pic taken by Edward Weston of an object that looks like lovers embracing. Guys, that object is a bell pepper.

But the way the image was composed, and the lightning used to set a particular mood allowed us to see the object in a way we would never have.

Nikky: Who inspires you the most?

Enem: There really isn’t one particular person but ALL creatives I’ve come across have inspired me one way or the other.

Nikky: What keeps you going even during your hardest times?

Enem: Prayer and worship ! And the exchange rate lol

Nikky: What is one quote you live by?

Enem: “I was created on purpose for a purpose”

Nikky: What movie/song/book has strongly impacted your life?

Enem: I don’t know if this counts but it’s the book of Esther in the bible, I recently studied and wow.

I don’t want to make this long but Esther (and Mordecai) helped saved their people (the Jews) from being wiped out.

What struck me about this book was that Gods name was never mentioned, but he was working behind the scenes and nothing happened by coincidence.

What I’m trying to say is God is reminding us through the book of Esther that even when we can’t see him (on the page), he is always there with us, guiding us to the path he has destined. All we have to do is be courageous and have faith. We need to realize that we don’t have to be the hero, the hero is already at work !

Bruh. Just read the book of Esther, you’ll be shook ! ✨

Nikky: Wow, thanks for sharing that! That was very enlightening.

Nikky: If you had your own country, what one thing would you make free for everyone?

Enem: Education. Knowledge/education would take you to places talent can’t (and vice versa too!)

Nikky: What advice would you give to sixteen year old Enem?

Enem: Hahahaha omg. I was probably in year 10? Loool

“Keep practising, keep learning, nonstop”

I didn’t really know what area in photography I wanted to focus on because I was limiting myself to taking pics of school events and landscapes, if I was more open minded then, yoooooo ☺️

Haha, she’s so awesome. I loved all her answers and I also learnt a few things from this interview. I hope you guys did too.

As you know, she is a photographer, so, let’s look at some of her best shots!

Look at all these pictures! She is so so talented! Thank you so much Enem for doing this! I can’t wait to work with you!!

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