Random Questions Tag 

Hey guys!

If you haven’t checked out my last post, you should probably do that now! I talked about how I was working on a video that I couldn’t wait for you guys to see.

So, guess what?

It’s that time! Yassss! Today, I have a random questions tag video for you guys! I really love answering these type of questions, because not only do you guys find out more about me, but it’s also another way for me to learn more about myself.

Getting to know yourself is really important. Do whatever works for you but make sure you’re learning about yourself!

Feel free to do your own tag answering these same questions!

Let’s get to the video!

It was shot by thegunnavison. Be sure to check out his website that just launched! It looks amazing!!

I really hope you guys liked this video!! Leave a comment below if you did!

Be you. Do you. Stay true.