Good Day Gone Bad

Hey guyss,

Do you ever have those days where you get thrown off by the smallest thing and it kind of ruins your whole day?

Well, I do. The day of this shoot was one of those days for me. I got into a little disagreement with someone and it was so silly but for some reason I just couldn’t let it go. Mind you, prior to that, I was having the most perfect day. My make up was on fleek, my edges were popping, selfies were popping, the photoshoot was going well. I also decided to record a video that you guys will be seeing soon! Yay! My creative juices were flowing. So, believe me when I tell you was I having the most perfect day.

Then, the disagreement happened and I let that set the mood for the rest of the day. I couldn’t let something little go and I let it ruin my day. The pictures started coming out horrible! I couldn’t record clips anymore! I was mad at myself but I still couldn’t get out of that mood! I was just really cranky!

Eventually… I got to talking to the other person and properly expressing myself (sorta) lol. I finally snapped out of the stupid mood I was in and I could have honestly slapped myself cause I just let time pass me by, the sun went down and I couldn’t get any more pictures. Why??

I could have honestly avoided all of that by expressing myself and moving on from the situation. Instead, I stayed in my head, overthinking and not speaking about the situation which was dumb. You live and you learn, right??

On the bright side, I still got bomb pictures!!

**All pictures were taken by thegunnavision**

Be you. Do you. Stay true.