The Beauty of Struggle

We’ve all had that point in our life where things stop going as planned. In my opinion it’s the perfect wake up call. Like ‘Helloooo, you’re getting too comfortable’

The first time I found out my blog went down, I was devastated. I never thought something would go wrong, especially that early. I almost didn’t take it seriously when it happened, until Saturdays kept going by and I wasn’t able to post anything. It was honestly the most depressing feeling ever. 

People always ask me why I started this blog and my answer is always the same. “I wanted a platform, where I could completely express myself.” (then I start rambling on and on about how instagram, twitter and snapchat just weren’t letting me do that).

I finally got that platform and I lost it in the twinkle of an eye. I was upset beyond words. I found out my server was hacked and I lost all my content. I lost all hope. I started questioning everything. What did I do to deserve this? Why is this happening to me? 

After that victim phase passed, I was ready to move forward and see what I could do to fix the situation, mainly cause there was a blogger internship I really wanted to apply for. I was able to build my website back up. I should sound more excited right?? But for some reason I just wasn’t as excited. Every time I thought of the fact that I had no content, I got even more discouraged. I was not inspired in any way to keep this blog going. I was ready to give up.

My close friends would always ask me, “What’s going on with your blog?” and every time I had to tell this story, I died a little inside. It was just a reminder of everything I had lost. They would always try to make me look at the brighter side of things, like “this is just an opportunity to start afresh” or “everything happens for a reason” (usually something along those lines). It took me so long to change my mindset from negative to positive.

This may sound dramatic and “extra” to some people, but if you can’t relate, it’s only cause you haven’t found something you are passionate about. When you do, you will understand everything I am talking about because shit is real!

I spent so much time complaining about everything I had lost instead of looking at the beauty in the struggle. No matter how many times I said I wanted to give up, I still always found myself talking about new ideas for my blog and it finally hit me that I’m really just mad about losing my content and I can’t give up this blog for any reason.

To anyone reading this, Don’t Give Up On What You Love. If I gave up on this blog I won’t be here today sharing this story with you. I’m turning my mess into a message. There are going to be obstacles along the way, there will be times you will fail, there will be ups and downs, you just have to keep going. If you know where you want to be, then you will not give up. It is important to have a vision. Set goals so you always have something to look forward to, something to keep you going. It’s also important to surround yourself with people that will continuously encourage you, people that believe in you. If I didn’t have the type of support system that I have, I don’t know what I would be doing, I probably won’t be writing this post. Most importantly, PRAY. Ask God for strength, guidance, wisdom, knowledge, whatever you need in that moment and he will help you out.

There’s beauty in the struggle guys. We all go through these struggle phases and some of us, including myself choose not to look at the silver lining. There is always a brighter side, it’s just up to you to look on that side. I learnt a lot from this and I hope someone else did too. I really hope I was able to help someone today.

With all of that being said, Welcome back to my blog! 

Spread love always,