Cozy in Pink

Hey guysss,

How’s it going?

Whenever I get my hair done, I literally feel like a completely different person and I’m just ready to take on the world. Lol, anyone else feel that way?

A couple of days before this shoot, I went to the mall. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, I just wanted some new clothes. I went to Forever 21 and I came across this really nice mauve turtleneck and it sparked up an idea in my head. I thought to myself,  “omg I could do a photoshoot with my pink backdrop, wearing this turtleneck”. I got really excited and a few days later, I got to taking the pictures. I took the pictures myself guys!! Yassss! All you need is a tripod and you can work some magic. I also did my hair myself. I was just really on a D.I.Y wave! Get on that wave too guys. Don’t wait for anyone, just do it yourself, if you can.

Time for pictures!

Initially, the pictures had a warm tone to them and that wasn’t really what I was going for. So, I had to switch up the camera settings.

Spread love always,